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As a result of the war started by Russia on the territory of Ukraine, our crews and their families have now been displaced from their homes both in Ukraine and in the EU. The activities of our company had no option but to temporarily suspend all commercial works and focus
on the safety and wellbeing of our people and our beautiful country.

Nevertheless, we have found a way to continue doing what we love. With the support of our European partners and uniting Ukrainian industry professionals, we are again helping produce great films for our clients, outside of Ukraine!

Ukraine has some of the most highly qualified and experienced crews in the world and being able to work with our Ukrainian crews has been our driving objective for our new working venture. Providing our crew with work helps feed their families, lifts their spirits and motivates them to keep our joint fight against our country’s occupation!

Our current activity not only keeps our industry running, but supports Ukrainian volunteers and NGO's, who provide humanitarian support and protection for Ukrainian residents and refugees.

In the effort to help our crews and our country we ask you, our cherished partners
(and your clients) to join our effort and produce your films with us!

  • You will get the best production rates and location choices for your projects no matter where we choose to produce it.

  • You will be helping Ukrainian crews stay motivated and feed their families.

  • You will be donating the profits from the project to the Ukrainian war relief organizations on the ground in different regions of Ukraine (the list is below).

  • You and your clients will get detailed reports (including images) from these relief organizations on how their money was spent, and use it to illustrate their efforts and inspire more companies to help this cause.
  • We have teamed up with our partners in several countries to provide you with the highest production service level we are best known for.

  • Depending on the requirements of a project, we will be able to offer you the best location/country to film in: Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria and more (coming soon;).

  • We will take care of the logistics on bringing our Ukrainian crew to work on your projects.

  • Your projects will be overseen by our best producers who you know and trust.

  • Our part of the production markup will be donated to Ukrainian volunteer organizations hand picked by us.

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We are teaming up with our industry’s most talented and beloved crew members. Here are a few of them and their reels
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EU is a great place for amazing diversity in people and locations. Currently we operating in these countries of Europe
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