Our unstoppable 23/32 gang is happy to welcome you and your clients in our new homes.
We brought our Ukrainian skills and passion to 5 new territories
and are looking forward to bringing your stories to life.
THE NEW 2332
More info about our work in EU
• We provide unbeatable deals thanks to our agreements with local partners and crews while maintaining the best quality of production.

• We analyse your project and advise you on which country/countries works best for your project based on its requirements both
financial and creative.

• Your projects will be overseen by our best producers
who you know and trust.

• Part of our commission on every project will be donated to support the Ukrainian crews and volunteer organizations.
Why work with us?
Our work
Be kind, rewind
Project: Virgin Media
Director: Nick Roney
PH: Antidote
Project: Boom Popcorn + Netflix
Director: Stian Smestad
PH: Prodigious
Project: Stormzy «Audacity»
Director: Taz Tron Delix
PH: Compulsory
Project: Asics
Director: Noah Conopask
PH: Birth
Project: Credit Suisse
Director: Courtney Phillips
PH: Shining Pictures

Project: Superpower movie
Director: Sean Penn and Aaron Kaufman
PH: Vice

Produced in: Ukraine and Poland
Project: Karma online
Director: Noam Sharon&Tal Rosenthal
PH: Mamash

Produced in: Tbilisi, Georgia
Project: Lay’s Messi
Director: Andrew Lane
PH: Unit9

Produced in: Warsaw, Poland
Project: BYD auto
Director: Kevin Krefta
PH: Nuborn pictures

Produced in: Warsaw, Poland
Project: Yoplait
Director: Roy Raz
PH: Rebel Production

Produced in: Bratislava, Slovakia
Project: Roshen Wafers
Director: Joris Dommels
PH: Metro Production

Produced in: Georgia
Project: Salt Mobile - Penalty

Director: Kim Jacobsen
PH: Markenfilm Schweiz AG

Produced in: Romania
Locations where we operate

Each of our new "homes" has
its unique style and advantages.
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